Café de Coral Group is a listed company at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is the largest Chinese restaurant chain in the world with business spans the four corners of the world. The group has over 580 operational units specialized in fast food, institutional catering, specialty restaurants, food manufacturing, distribution and other overseas food and beverage businesses.

It was 1968 when Café de Coral gained its first foothold on Sugar Street, Causeway Bay. Thanks to years of diligent work, Café de Coral has evolved from a single outlet to the leading Chinese fast food chain with over 140 restaurants, serving more than 300,000 Hong Kong customers daily.

As a leader in Chinese fast food market, Café de Coral will continue to thrive on the company philosophy of making customers the topmost priority and constantly outperforming itself. We bring along better products, environment and service quality to Hong Kong people. Our team of over 14,000 members pledges to deliver quality services and good value for money, so as to fulfill our motto of "A Hundred Points of Excellence".