As a pioneer in the fast food industry, Café de Coral introduced its 5th Generation (5G) store design. Customers feel like they have entered a New York bistro-like dining environment, a place with “home-feeling” ambience, which is cozy, comfortable and relaxing. The store is divided into several dining areas, each of which resembles a different part of a home setting such as dining room, sitting room and balcony. To fulfill the needs of different customers, an extensive collection of tables, chairs and their combinations are available for customers to choose freely. Moreover, the green-living messages imprinted on dining tables and the use of eco-friendly tabletops with approved chops help to remind customers to live a healthier life through living green. In order to cater customers from different areas, Café de Coral establishes many of its branches in busy commercial districts, popular shopping malls and large residential complexes. We hope everyone in Hong Kong can enjoy diversified fares at a reasonable price anytime, anywhere.