Café de Coral knows well that discerning customers won't settle for less when it comes to food quality. That is why its professional merchandising team travels the globe to look for the best ingredients: "Hoki Fillet" from the pollution-free Southern Ocean, "Sirloin Steak" from the all-natural prairie in New Zealand, the vivacious "Samba Pork" and the pedigree "Grilled Unagi" from Japan. Café de Coral focuses on every minute detail in preparing not only the hearty fares, but also items as simple as a cup of milk tea. With the same degree of utter creativity and quality required for all fares offered in Café de Coral, the tealeaves we handpicked for our brews are the best ones in season, allowing customers in each of our branches to enjoy the same gastronomic experience of quality food.

At Café de Coral, we conduct in-depth surveys to understand better the tastes and needs of our customers. We work hard to perfect the flavor, portion and combination of our fares on offer. Only by doing so can we achieve the menu that answers best to the expectations of our customers.

To address customers’ concerns towards healthy diet, Café de Coral has introduced a string of fresh and balanced dishes in recent years, including "Angel Hair 1.2", "Vegetables in Broth" and "Apple and Sweet Corn Salad". In view of our endeavor to promote healthy diets, Café de Coral was invited by the Department of Health to participate in the EatSmart Restaurant Campaign, which promotes the healthy dietary concept of "three less"(less oil, salt and sugar) and "more fruit and vegetable".

Café de Coral believes a consistent food quality across all branches can only be achieved by maneuvering professional management, systematic trainings and expert monitoring. The backend support of centralized production processes is crucial too in our quest for reliable quality.

Food safety is commanding more and more attention from our customers. To stay abreast of this trend, Café de Coral gives infinite consideration to the origins of ingredients. Combined with other food safety and hygiene measures including stern guidelines on cooking and food storage, our all-round control ensures optimal food hygiene on par with the stringent company standard.

To boost overall performance in terms of operation, Café de Coral provides kitchen staff and chefs on all levels with on-the-job professional training to enhance their knowledge of food management.